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Nurturing Young Leaders for the Future Generation

We foster the promising young researchers actively for the next generation. At GREEN, young leaders themselves were assigned the responsibility of group leaders. Each floor of NanoGREEN building, scheduled for completion in 2012, (Namiki site), has an open space available stimulate interactions between researchers of a variety of backgrounds under one roof.

Corporate researchers can obtain a doctoral degree at GREEN from partner universities can acquire necessary skills of working in the industry through their experience at NIMS.

PRESTO Researcher

Randy Halem, Postdoctoral Researcher, who was selected by PRESTO (Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in FY 2016. He is the fifth in GREEN, followed Hidenori Noguchi, Masatoshi Yanagida, Takuya Masuda and Prof. Katsuyoshi Ikeda (Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology / GREEN Leader) to receiving PRESTO funding.

Randy Halem

Randy Halem
PRESTO Researcher, Battery Materials Exploration Group

Ayako Hashimoto

Ayako Hashimoto
PRESTO Researcher, Environmental Microscopy Group


GREEN established the ICYS-GREEN researcher position to nurture young researcher of new fields in January, 2014.