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2108.03.19 Update NEW Events

The 123rd AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2018.03.29 Finished
Summary of my high resolution AFM studies in these 5 years

2108.03.15 Update NEW Events

The 121st AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2018.03.29 Finished
Looking back on my research activities for condensed mater physics
- with high-field and quantum beam technologies -

2019.01.11 Update Events

The 136th AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2019.01.24
1. Electron spectroscopic studies at wide-energy-range VUV-SX synchrotron beamline BL-2 MUSASHI at KEK Photon Factory
2. Fabrication and properties of mixed-anion oxide epitaxial thin films


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